Something You Don’t Want to Say

Hello Blog Friends!

I’m back and blogging.  I have been struggling with the decision as to whether or not I want to blog about what has happened over the last 2 and half weeks and I think, for now anyway, I choose not.  I don’t have the words I need to even begin to write about everything that happened and how all of it has made me feel.    But I will say that this blog lost one of it’s best and most important followers.  My head is still processing everything and it’s very difficult to make sense of it all.  So I figure that rather than dwell in my emotions, at the moment I’ll use this blog to focus on more positive aspects of life.  At least until I’m ready to blog about it.  
So, in my absence I see that I acquired some new followers and to them I say Welcome!  I promise that normally I am a much more active blogger.  February is one of my favorite months, mainly because I love Valentine’s Day.  But this year I didn’t get to part-take in any hearts and flowers activities.  The boy is still in England and I basically slept-walked through the day back here in LA.  But just because I missed the holiday doesn’t mean I can’t indulge in some pretty pink and red festiveness now right?  Right.  So here are some items that I have a Post-Valentine’s crush on (all items found here.

Did you have a nice Valentine’s Day?  Kisses!  

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