remember me to heritage square

It’s quite easy to think of Los Angeles as completely void of any history or culture.  This may be because the city doesn’t seem to want to keep up or restore buildings older than the ones built in the 1980’s.  Or it may be because the city has managed to tear down a great deal of our historical buildings and landmarks in lieu of sleek office buildings and parking lots.  However, a few jewels of history do still remain and I have the pics to prove it!
from the museum’s facebook page
This past weekend, the boy and I visited Heritage Square– a collection of old Los Angeles Victorian homes restored and preserved as a historical glimpse into L.A.’s past.   It was so much fun to wander around the museum, made to look like a street straight out of Meet Me in St Louie.  (Which is sort of surreal considering it’s in the middle of the downtown outskirts, not the nicest of areas.)  They even had free-range chickens roaming around!  It was so much fun!  I also feel like I learned a little something about our fair city’s past.  And I was so taken with the museum and all the events it organizes, I am considering becoming a member and volunteering!  What can I say, I like my Victorian architecture!     

Don’t you wish you could  live here?  I certainly do!  😉

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