Party People

This past weekend, I spent some time partying with LL Cool J.  That’s right peeps, that’s how I roll.  Along with Jamie Garfield, Ben Affleck, Michelle Williams, Colin Firth, Jane Lynch  and Mark Ruffalo, just your typical 3-day weekend!  Well, that is to say, the boy and I attended a pre-golden globes party and we had the pleasure of sharing the space with the aforementioned celebs, along with many others.   I can’t go into much detail, but it was a star-studded, fun-filled event and it’s times like that when I feel very grateful to be living here in the City of Angels.   
The best part about the event was seeing the various styles of dresses, and the varying levels of formality to everyone’s outfits.  Seriously, some people showed up in ball gowns, others in jeans and t-shirts.  That’s L.A. for you!  I didn’t have much time to pick out a dress so I narrowed it down to these four—

And ended up wearing this one—

I did get a “fabulous dress darling!” from one of the attendees, so I was happy. 

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