What are you Wearing New Year’s Eve?

The boy is taking me to see Kristin Chenoweth perform at the Disney Concert Hall in Downtown LA on New Year’s Eve and I think an event as momentous as that requires a fabulous dress!  But rather than buy a new one, I thought I’d try my hand at fixing up an old one…A sparkly, chiffon dress from the l970’s!  Oooo Preetttyyy!

This dress was my mother’s (and she probably doesn’t even realize I have it, sorry mom!  Hope this is ok!)  And it really is beautiful, but it needs a few little fixes.  For instance, the straps are broken and the length is just a tad too long, making it unflattering for me and my stubby legs.

My mission is to transform this dress with a few minor adjustments into the New Year’s Eve gown of my dreams!  Check back Friday for the finished product and wish me luck!  

Oh and P.S. — That sparkly beret atop my head?  That was a Christmas gift from the boy.  He likes it when I look like a disco ball, he told me so!


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