Another Year

I am a bit amazed to find that another year has gone by and here I am celebrating another birthday.  Here I am, another year older!  While the getting older part is slightly saddening, I am also rather glad that this year is over.  It was a challenging one to say the least.

My First Birthday

 A lot of things happened this year.  Some were positive, like getting to learn how to make new crafts, finding new jobs, teaching some incredible young people and starting my own online shop.  But there was a good helping of not so positive events like trips to the hospital,  overdrawn bank accounts and just plain over-worked, underpaid, soul-deadening stresses that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  So, with that in mind, I am glad to bid this year adieu and welcome my 28th year with open arms!  (Oooh, 28 sounds soo old!) 

My Birthday 2 Years Ago

There are several of my favorite bloggers who have made lists on their birthdays such as “29 things before 29.”  I mean the title pretty much explains it and I like the idea of setting a large number of goals for the impending year as a way to keep myself motivated and reaching for more.  I don’t want to get comfortable in the mundane, I want to live this next year to it’s fullest and try to do the things I’ve always wanted to do, but just haven’t yet.  Well…most of the things.  So here it is, my list of 29 things I want to try to do before I turn 29!

1.  Open a new Etsy Shop
2.  Get better at using Photoshop
3.  Go on a roadtrip with the boy
4.  Go Blonde…again!
5.  Finish a story
6.  Make a dent in my wedding album
7.  Learn to sew —properly
8.  Befriend someone I don’t like
9.  Visit my Aunt Jeanette in Portland
10.  Clean up my hard drive
11.  Get going on getting out of debt
12.  Work out a schedule for taking dance classes and stick to it

My Birthday Last Year

13.  Make more stuff
14.  Redesign our bedroom
15.  Throw the boy  a fantastic birthday
16.  Go to Coachella
17.  Read five books
18.  Go to the dentist
19.  Take  yoga class
20.  Spend a day going proper vintage/thrift shopping
21.  Kidnap Max (my parents’ jack russell terrier) and have him stay with us for a day
22.  Finish my “tell your story” journal
23.  Teach a class in something other than ballet
24.  Visit UCLA
25.  Climb a tree
26.  Help someone in need
27.  Go to church
28.  Build a bed-sheet fort
29.  Start each day with a smile

I guess I’ll let you know how I did in a year!  Got a lot to do, better get started!

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