Christmas Crackers!

This year, the boy and I are spending our Christmas stateside (last year we went to his side of the pond.)  I am thrilled to be home for the holidays, but there are some Christmas traditions in ole’ Blighty that I’m going to miss this year.  Among them are the brussell sprouts, the fantastic holiday TV specials and naturally, the Christmas Crackers. 

Therefore, I decided to make my own Christmas Crackers to bring to our family’s Christmas Eve party.  While these won’t pop like traditional crackers, they will have some pretty fantastic goodies inside that I hope will delight and entertain all my family.  Here’s the how-to:

 Take some sturdy  cardboard cylinders.  I used the ones left over from spools of tulle.  They are tougher than cardboard and about two inches longer than your average tp roll. 

 Gather goodies that you think you’d like to fill them with.  Wrap them with whatever paper takes your fancy, closing one side, but leaving the other open so you can fill the tube.  I used more of my wood-grain contact paper.  I just love that stuff! 

Fill the crackers with your goodies and close up the open side.  I used red and white bakers twine as a festive touch. 

One other detail, if you want to be exceptionally British, is to include a Christmas crown.  I made crowns in varies colors and cut them in unsymmetrical patterns.  It’s definitely going to be the must-have accessory of the Christmas season…well, at least it will be at my house on Christmas Eve!


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