I am thankful for…

Family trips to Switzerland

Stories of Serendipity


See’s Caramel Chews

A collection of Owls like none other

An Office filled with clocks and a chinese rock garden

A room with walls that are filled with books

A cruise to Alaska for a 50th wedding anniversary

A collection of the classics

Postcards from every corner of the world

Christmases in Santa Fe

Lunches at Harbor House Grill and brunches at Jack’s

All the happy and fun times I spent growing up visiting my grandparents in Laguna and all the memories I can take with me where ever I go….

This isn’t everything I am thankful for, but it’s a start.  My grandpa passed away yesterday.  He was a great man and I will miss him.  But he left behind such warm memories and a legacy of wonderful work and time tested stories that his presence will continue to live on and inspire.  He led an incredible life and he gave so much to me and my brothers.  He was classy, and he was wise.  He had this presence about him, a sort of mystique.  I always felt his wisdom and his knowledge permeating the room and yet, he was never overbearing or intimidating.  He was always warm and  encouraging to me.  I just had to take a moment and share this with you.  I know I am very lucky to have known him and for that I am incredibly grateful.

“Those were lean years, and for many Americans a harsh and bitter time. On Waltons Mountain we were sustained with poems and gingerbread and laughter and sharing, but most of all by a remarkable mother and father. The house in which we were born and raised is still there, still home, and on the winds that sigh along those misted blue ridged mountains our voices must echo still”.    -John McGreevey 

Popa with Nana, my Dad and my Aunt Sally

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