Christmas Wish List

The boy has insisted that I stop just talking about the holidays and go ahead and put together a wish list for him to give our family on the other side of the pond.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love putting together wish lists, but as I look at the things I picked last night I am wondering if they are all a bit too strange and random.  But using the logic that I should pick things that I want, don’t need, and wouldn’t justify buying for myself, well, then this is some of what I came up with….

Kind of all over the place right?  Well, to help explain my way of thinking, I suppose I should tell you that I am aiming to have a strictly handmade holiday…well as much as I possibly can.  You see, I haven’t been very good at sticking to my 4 Simple Goals, especially goal #3.  I have been buying clothes from Target, Athropologie, Forever 21, you name it.  Part of my failure in only buying vintage or hand-made clothes was the new job though.  I needed some sophisticated and grown up “office clothes,” which I realized after the fact I didn’t really own.  So I am cutting myself some slack in that respect.

But I think it would be nice this holiday season to support indie businesses and give and receive gifts that are unique and handmade or vintage.  Thus my list formed with a slightly eccentric bent.  But I am asking for some useful things (alla sewing machine) which will hopefully allow me to be more crafty in the future!  What’s on your Christmas list?

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