What to Wear

If you follow this blog, you may remember that the boy and I are going to be attending the Britania Awards later this week in Los Angeles, and the occasion is Black Tie.  Usually I have no trouble finding dresses for formal affairs, but for whatever reason, this time I am struggling.  So here’s options 1, 2 & 3….thoughts?  


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  1. lickmycupcakes.com

    THRRREEEE! Nothing makes me happier than a yellow dress 🙂 I almost said 2 until I scrolled down, but 3 for sure. With black tights of it isn't too warm & a big black hair bow? I think it would look amazing.

    Thanks for your lovely blog comment by the way! 😀 Adding you to my bookmarks right now!


  2. momma teach

    I like the second one best, because I think it is more formal looking. The third one is nice too, but if it is a cold or rainy night, I think you will have to have a wrap and it will be covered up. The first one is cute, but I don't think it looks formal enough.
    Call me and we'll talk.


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