That’s Right, I’m not from Texas…

But for a year, I lived in Austin dancing with Ballet Austin.  I wasn’t really all that keen on dancing at that time, and was terribly homesick, so my memory of the Texas capital was a bit clouded with negativity.  However, this past weekend the boy and I traveled to Austin for a wedding and I do believe I managed to enjoy the city more than I could have ever imagined.  I found myself saying “I remember this,” and “I love this place, that street…” etc. etc.  I am seriously grateful for having the chance to go back and revisit my old haunts (nearly ten years later) and find a new appreciation for the city.   
The bottom line is: Austin is fun.  And with Halloween and an amazing wedding featuring some of the best people I’ve had the good fortune to meet, this past weekend was a very good weekend! Here are a few of my favorite places to visit—
Toy Joy has the coolest toys and yes those are plastic nuns all around the top!
I had to go to Ballet Austin’s old studios…oh the pointe shoes I destroyed through those doors!

And probably my favorite place to go in Austin, is The Spider House.  In my day, they only served tea and coffee, imagine my surprise to find that they are a full fledged bar now!  The atmosphere and the decor there are simply wonderful.  If you ever are in that area, I highly recommend you check it out.
I’ll share more Austin photos later this week!  Cheers! 

One thought on “That’s Right, I’m not from Texas…

  1. I love your title…
    I usually get “You're not from here, are you?”
    No, I'm not from Texas but I've lived here for 10 years and I'm still homesick.
    But Austin is my favorite place to visit in the state. I'm glad you had a great weekend.


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