Spa + Blogging = Spagging!

Today I decided I needed to have a “spa day.”  And by that I mean a day of loafing around, painting my nails, maybe trying out a face mask mixture and soaking in a luxurious bubble bath.  I don’t usually do things like that, but I felt I needed a day of winding down. 

Of course, whenever I have a day off from work I start planning all the crafting and cleaning I want to get accomplished and before I know it, the day is gone and perhaps I have been somewhat productive, but inevitably I feel exhausted and unready to start another work week.  Thus, the spa day must be implemented.  
I normally would make a Spa day techno-free as well.  But I really wanted to catch up with my blog and blog browsing too.  So I am allowing myself to blog and spa at the very same time.  Henceforth this shall be called Spagging! 
Have yourselves a glorious Sunday! 

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