Christmas Warm Up

While it’s wet and cold, we thought we’d break out some Christmas-ness.  We have been watching Christmas movies, singing Christmas carols, and cuddling with a certain cheer and goodwill that could only be described as Christmas-y!   I know, I know.  It’s not Christmas yet, and it’s too soon.  but consider this just a little Christmas “warm up” for things to come! Here’s a little sampling of Christmas cheer!

 This gorgeous photo from Strawberry Skies

Pottery Barn’s Christmas Decor

Super cute holiday cards from Old Wives Tale

Finally I wanted to share a new project I’ve started, and I hope you may start one as well.  It’s my Christmas Art Journal!  In this journal,  I plan to write down my Christmas wishes, plan presents for people, pull together holiday inspirations and scrapbook pictures from Christmases past and present!  I will share my journal and the prompts I use in case any of you want to create one with me!  But I promise, I will lay off the Christmas cheer for a little while…at least through Halloween. Thanks for letting me indulge my Christmas spirit!

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  1. Live4StarWars

    right now i'm just trying to get to halloween let alone christmas LOL…though i am gilty of getting a new christmas album already last week, but the one chirstmas this i'm looking forward to is the Dickens Faire and then christmas day with my dad's side of the familt (always a blast!)


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