List of Likes….

Here’s another list of likes from the boy’s brother.  We are so excited because Brother and Sister in Law are coming over from England to visit us very soon!  What do you like?  Email me and let me know and I will do a post on your likes!

Cinnamon – they put in everything over in America and it tastes yummy – why don’t people do that here in England?

Humming Birds – we have sparrows, which I like but aren’t a patch on humming birds!


 Petrol pumps – where you flick that little switch so you can fill your car up with no hands – we dont have them here – its like 1840!!

Good service – we still dont have that here!

Good Burgers – In n Out, Carls Jr and Big Boy Bobs! And there are more I am yet to try!

Ralph’s – its so neat and everything looks so nice (how long must it take them to pile those massive apples up so neatly!) – our supermarkets are skanky in comparison

Proper sandwiches – with a stupid amount of meat in them! A ham sandwich here is slice of bread, One slice of ham and another slice of bread!

I hope these are all things that you in the US take for granted and perhaps will appreciate a little more now that you know that in the UK we don’t have this great stuff! 

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