"All you Need is Love" Giveaway

I am so sorry that I didn’t post yesterday.  Seriously gentle bloggers, you have my genuine apologies!  But now I am here to make up for it with my promised giveaway.  Huzzah!
The boy and I had an interesting conversation the other night about the Beatles.  And then today I heard John Lennon’s Woman on K-Earth and it got me thinking about the Fab Four.  When asked who my favorite Beatle is I usually answer George (it’s unexpected, and While My Guitar Gently Weeps is wonderful in my opinion. )  But I don’t know, maybe John is my new favorite? 

When I first went to visit the boy in England, he took me to the Abby Road recording studio.  We tried to take a photo of me walking across the road a la the album cover, but there was seriously too much traffic!  So instead we signed the wall outside the studio.  Here is what the boy wrote:

So, on that mushy note, I have decided to do a Beatles-themed Giveaway!  Yay!

Here’s the loot:

* Love the Lyrics Stationary Set (complete with Air-Mail envelopes)

* Mother Nature’s Son hair comb

* “all you need is love” painting (measures 8X10 inches)

* Fab-4 Sticker set

All these items were designed and made by me, so you will be winning a one of a kind gift package, filled with handmade love!  All you have to do is sign your name and tell me who your favorite Beatle is and you are eligible to win!
Extra entry will be awarded if you tweet and/or blog about the giveaway, just be sure to give me the link.  I will pick the winner next Wednesday October 6th.  
Good Luck!


Add Yours
  1. Brina

    Ooh! I LOVE The Beatles!! Pretty much all my life I have liked them, but my obsession started back in 1995 (I think) when the Anthology was on TV. I was 14 or 15 and developed a deep respect and adoration for them and their music.

    I always switch, depending upon my mood, who's my favorite Beatle. Its like if you have kids, you can't really have a favorite! They're each individually awesome for their own reasons. (But most of the time I would probably say Paul. ❤ <3)


  2. Live4StarWars

    in desending order i'd have to go with Paul then George then Ringo and then finally John….grrrr…yoko -_-X She is the soul reason they didn't get back together grrrrrrrr EVIL WOMAN!!!……now i have to listen to my beatles *pulls out Zune*


  3. Live4StarWars

    blogged about your giveaway and i LOVE what he wrote about you to!! T_T so sweet *sniffles*

    LOVE the beatles stickers! the first reminds me so much of the movie “Across the Universe” which was EPIC!


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