Charismatic Lunch

Here’s a new series for you: each week I will pick a character from a TV show or film that I would like to have lunch with somewhere in Los Angeles.  Notice I wrote character not actor.  I am talking about dining with the fictional personalities of the screen.  I think that sounds like more fun than eating with actors.  
First luncheon would be with Mr. Pete Campbell from Mad Men.  We would have a lovely lunch consisting of corn-beef sandwiches at Musso & Franks in Hollywood.  We’d wash it down with very dry Martinis  (which I don’t like the taste of actually but would hide my distaste for Pete’s sake.)  He’d charm me with talk about all his new advertising clients and ask me general questions about myself, furrowing his brow so that he appears to be really really interested in me.  I would try to split the check and end up offending him.  He’d finally admit that he hates Martinis and as he’d leave, he’d trip on the door frame, but act like it didn’t happen.  It would be awesome!

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