Too Soon?

I couldn’t help myself.  I had to take down and put away my spring/summer decorations, cause it just felt wrong to have daisies and bright green decor around when it’s starting to get cold outside. But when I started to look at what I had for fall it just seemed like I may as well bust out my few Halloween decorations as well.  However, looking at the calendar, I am worried that I may have crossed a line and really jumped the gun on this one.  But it was all I could do to keep from going completely crazy and breaking out the Christmas decor!  I think I may have a holiday-anticipation problem….I wonder if there are help groups for things like that.  😉

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  1. laura

    i have recently realized that September is almost over and once that happens we will be facing Halloween and then the winter holidays. with this in mind I've been trying to bring out the fall cheer in our household, decorations, fall scented candles, fallish meals and such. however, i feel so robbed of my summer that my heart isn't in it and i am really doing it more grudgingly than because i am actually celebrating fall.

    it's sort of my own fault in a way. i could have made the effort to make more summer meals and summer outings, paired with lovely chilled rose wines and grilled fish, but i waited for the weather to come and frankly it never did. so now the calendar is telling me it's time to do fallish things but inside i'm just grimacing and doing it because i know if i don't then i will miss fall too. inside i'm still waiting for summer to come, and despite some cool weather i haven't felt that special tingle in the air the comes when fall truly arrives. here's to an unwilling fall season!!!


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