Work Space

It’s taken me quite a bit of time and several different arrangements to find a way to store all my crafting stuff and have a place to actually work on it.  Our apartments is terrific, but very small so I have to be creative in my decorating and arranging so as not to clutter things and make it appear even smaller.  I think I have finally come up with the perfect little craft space and I wanted to share.

Now I just need to find more time to use it!  😉


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  1. Brina

    What a cute little spot! You even decorated it so pretty! I'm jealous. My fiancé and I have a spare room for our “studio” but it hasn't been used as such since we moved in (in January). More like a dumping ground for all of our junk! I would LOVE to have a small little space all my own in our apartment for my sewing machine. I guess we'll just have to break down and clean the spare room! *hee hee*


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