Wouldn’t it be Nice

Hey Party People,

Hope you are all having a relaxing Labor Day Weekend!  I am still sick, actually feeling worse than before so the boy has ordered me to stay in bed and rest up.  I hate being sick when the weather is so nice (which it really is here in beverly hills) but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.   But I will take the opportunity to explore the blogisphere and have some fun!

You may remember goal # 3 from my 4 Simple Goals posting:

All clothing purchases from here on out need to be from a handmade seller or vintage.  This may be a tough one for me, but the thing is, I have plenty of clothes.  I have clothes for all occasions.  I don’t need anything new, so any shopping from here on out to December will be at Etsy, or garage sales.  Hopefully this will encourage me to spend money more wisely and invest in clothes that are classic, not just cheap trendy and factor-made.

Here are some Etsy finds that I am currently heart-ing and hoping to one day purchase:

Gorgeous moccassins from Darlingtonia

Love all the T-shirts from Dressing on the Side

I know these pretty felt hair clips from Lou and Lee are intended for children, but I think they are perfect for anyone young at heart….and that’s definitely me!

And finally, I am pretty much obsessed with all the fabulous vintage finds at Thrush Vintage

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