4 Simple Goals (before 2011)

Like so many other bloggers, I am taking part in Elsie’s 4 Simple Goals (before 2011) challenge.  My problem is that I set goals for myself that are inevitably too lofty and therefore don’t get completed and therefore leave me feeling disappointed in myself.  
This time it’s gonna be different!  I am determined to accomplish all these goals and not let myself get carried away.  So here goes:
1.  Work on my Wedding Album.  Notice how I didn’t write FINISH my wedding album?  Yeah, I am already improving, I can feel it!  The sad thing is, with adjusting to married life, and dealing with immigration, moving, new jobs, lack of jobs, etc.  I haven’t found any time to devote to scrapbooking all my gorgeous wedding pictures.  So, I want to at least get it started and begin to find the time before the year is out.  With our two year anniversary fast approaching, this is an important one for me.
2.  Have one night a week where the boy and I both turn off our computers at 8pm, step away from the TV and read.  I think it’s important to unplug and get back to a little good ole’ fashion book reading!  This is what the boy and I spent most of our time doing when we met back in college.  I miss our snuggly reading sessions, so I am bringing ’em back!
3.  All clothing purchases from here on out need to be from a handmade seller or vintage.  This may be a tough one for me, but the thing is, I have plenty of clothes.  I have clothes for all occasions.  I don’t need anything new, so any shopping from here on out to December will be at Etsy, or garage sales.  Hopefully this will encourage me to spend money more wisely and invest in clothes that are classic, not just cheap trendy and factor-made.
4.  Work on fiction projects.  Again, not finish, but I do want to work on some of the fiction writing that I started and haven’t been inspired to continue pursuing.  I know I get too easily distracted and discouraged when things don’t turn out just like I hoped, so here’s an attempt to overcome those weaknesses and get back to writing my stories.  
So that’s it.  My list of goals.  Maybe they still aren’t simple enough, but I feel energized to give it my best and complete all four before 2011!  Watch me do it!

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