I don’t own emotion, I RENT!

Last Saturday night, the boy and I were fortunate enough to be invited by our good friends the Behrs to see RENT at the Hollywood Bowl.  It was so much fun!  I love the Hollywood Bowl and haven’t been in so very long.  The Behrs had a box, so that meant killer seats and a delicious Patina dinner!  
I wish I had taken more pictures, but sometimes I feel like a tourist when I am snapping cheesy photos all over the place.  But even without pics, trust it was a very good time….

I am not sure that the boy completely enjoyed the actual RENT part of the evening, but I sure did!  The production was directed by Doogie Howser, uh, I mean, Neil Patrick Harris, and I felt like he did an excellent job.  Staging a full-length rock opera in that space is no easy feat.  I was also surprised by the performances.  The cast was composed of plenty of broadway actors, but also featured some celeb wild cards, such as Wayne Brady, Nicole Sherzinger (of The Pussycat Dolls) and Vanessa Hudgens.  

photo by Lily Lim

 Truly everyone did a great job singing, but the Pussycat Doll stole the show.  Her portrayal of Maureen was unique, funny and man that girl has some voice!  Hudgens struggled with her role of Mimi, and perhaps wasn’t ready to take on a part where she isn’t a bubbly singing science star….She got better as the night went on, but I think I have done better renditions of “Take me Out Tonight” at Karaoke; and believe me, I cannot sing!  I wasn’t surprised by this, but it really did take the whole production down a few pegs.  I know she is young, and she certainly is pretty and a talented singer, but I suspect, girlfriend needs to study up on her musical theater and characterization.   

Photo from LA Times

 In the end though, being out, under the Hollywood night sky, having a night at the bowl is always a pleasure and the perfect place to spend a summer evening.  Thanks to the Behrs!


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