Collecting Things

I don’t actually have any collections…maybe a few things that I tried to start collections of, but I never really made an official effort to be any kind of collector.  Lately I have been thinking that I want to be a collector.  A real collector of something.  But then, you have to decide what to collect.   Here’s what I have decided….

#1.  Foxes!  I am collecting all things foxy!  Particularly I would like to start a collection of fox figurines.  From my etsy searches I can already tell they are hard to find, but that just makes the prospect of collecting them more fun and special.

#2.  Paint-by-Numbers paintings!  I realize I am totally jumping on the bandwagon with this one (late in fact) but I do find the paint-by-number chic very charming.  I want so many of them!

#3.  Keys!  This is one that sort of has come about organically, in that I was fascinated with the fact that so many keyholes in English doors are still shaped in a vintage key shape.  The first time I visited the boy I totally got a kick out of this detail, and likewise my in-laws got a kick out of the fact that I was excited by such a detail.  So, just this past Christmas my lovely brother and sister-in-law, Neil and Katie, gave me some vintage keys for a present and I think the keys they gave me should be the first few of many.  Agreed?

Yes.  All in all, I think these will be very good collections indeed!

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