Pretty Pretty Hair Stuff!

Here is what I have been working on lately.  I was commissioned to design a special hair accessory for a wedding, along with some pretty headbands for the flower girls.  I am pretty pleased with how things are looking…..just hope the Bride likes it too!

If you have a special event or a special design you’d like me to make let me know!  Happy Tuesday!


Add Yours
  1. Live4StarWars

    Hey Heather! Wow they looks really really pretty… you think after you are done making the ones for the wedding i might get you to make me a headband too =^^=…i'll pay for it of course but if you could do one in like black or puple i'd LOVE to get one from you!! =^^=

    The big one you made makes me ask….did you make the one you worn during your wedding?


  2. Teddi

    C heather? gorgeousness & love love love! i wore my headband yesterday but didn't wear NE make-up so i'm waiting until i look decent enuff 2 take pic & blog about it. i want red & turquoise one…what i like bout eliza band is she is loose & doesn't pinch my head or give me a headache 🙂


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