wonder-ful clothes

When I was growing up, The Wonder Years was one of my favorite TV shows.  I loved to watch the growing pains of young Kevin Arnold coming of age in the late 1960’s.  And through it all was his girl-next-door girlfriend Winnie Cooper. 

I often found Winnie’s character annoying and bland (I think Kevin could have done better, but hey what do I know?) But despite that, I must admit that I completely loved her clothes!  I wanted to rock the Winnie Cooper look:  turtle-neck sweaters, knee socks, short skirts and low slung belts comprised some of the most memorable outfits.  But I also liked all the formal dresses Winnie wore anytime she and Kevin went to the school dances.  Often a 1970’s pastel baby-doll dress, each more adorable as the next! 
{I searched the world wild web, but coun’t find any better Winnie Cooper pics than these. }
Maybe it’s the “Winnie Cooper Effect” that caused me to don this vintage dress to my brother’s birthday last week~
I think it was a successful outfit, despite a few jokes at my mock-turtle-necked expense.   

One thought on “wonder-ful clothes

  1. yeah i agree with the two ladies. your outfit rocks! you do look pretty cute 😉

    oh and i LOVED the wonder years too. Had a massive crush on Fred Savage and yes Winnie was dull! xo


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