I was attempting not to ever watch Glee, because I knew that I would love it, and then I’d have one more show that I couldn’t live without watching and I hate that.  I hate being so tied into a TV show that my week revolves around it and I am already hooked on Gossip Girl, and that’s enough.  (Yeah that’s right, I heart Gossip Girl, and I am not afraid to admit it!)
For the most part, I am safe from TV show obsession because the boy and I don’t get TV.  We have a TV, but we don’t order television, you see?  If and when a show comes along that manages to hook my attention, I watch it mainly online or I wait for it to come out on dvd.  I love TV on dvd!
So it’s been quite easy for me to avoid getting into Glee, and I held out all year, seriously, until last week.  I saw the pilot episode and maybe it was partly due to the fact that the school year is ending and I am feeling particularly nostalgic about my students, but it got me.  It got me and now, I am sorry to say, I am hooked.  I am a Gleek.  
The boy is particularly horrified at this transformation and I can’t say I blame him.  At times the show is so cheesy I can feel it clogging my arteries.  Yet I also feel like it’s the first show since Fame that manages to invoke hope and happiness and well, glee from the masses simply by singing some pop songs.  And is that a bad thing?  I think not! 
Also, I love love love the wardrobe for “Emma Pillsbury.”  It’s like the clothes I have been dreaming of wearing all my life.  She is adorable!

2 thoughts on “Gleeful

  1. oh i just tweeted this yesterday. I am not a big fan of TV shows but I thought I'd give Glee a try….and…I didn't like it haha. But the boy seems to love it though but then again he loves watching anything. I am still gonna give it a try though…i watched the third episode yesterday and it wasn't too bad…i actually laughed!


  2. Emily if you can give me the all the soundtracks I may need to sing to you right then and there in person! I would love that! On second thought, maybe I shouldn't sing, but I could dance! Yeah!


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