Mother’s Day Creation

This year, being broke and crafty, I decided the best thing I could give my mom for mother’s day would be something handmade.  I racked my brain for something original, classy, fun and special, and in the end, I came up with this…..
This is what it was intended to look like:
from Anthropologie

But I still think what I came up with actually was pretty cool!  Here’s the play by play:
I used a cardboard insert from a pair of cute tights I bought from Target as the base.  I cut that and two pieces of felt into the shape I wanted for the necklace.  
Then I gathered all the vintage buttons and doodads I could find to create a cool collage of stuff on one piece of felt.
I sewed the decorated piece against the plain piece of felt together with the cardboard piece in between for support.  Then I punched holes in the corners and strung some pretty ribbon through and presto!  A lovely handmade necklace for Mom! 

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