A Delicious Book makes all the Difference!

Thursdays are my least favorite day of the week, cause I am so so so busy!  But there is one thing that makes my hectic day a bit more manageable and that is…..
Book Worm! 
Book Worm is a weekly show on a public supported radio station here in LA called KCRW hosted by Michael Silverblatt.  Every show features a different author or publisher  and focuses on a specific book.  The show runs from 2pm to 3pm, so usually I only catch a few minutes of the program, but I absolutely love hearing about different books and the people who write them.  I find myself so inspired by the end of it.  It makes me want to hit my Bev Hills Library and go to town!

As an extra perk, the sound of Michael Silverblatt’s voice is fantastic.  He sounds like a worm….like a cartoon book worm.  The best thing is when he gets really excited by a book or an author and he literally is giddy….giddy in cartoon worm voice kind of way!  I can’t help but imagine this cartoon style worm literally devouring the books he is talking about.  It’s a hoot!  
 This is what he actually looks like….And this is how I imagine him: 
 Finally, the theme song for bookworm is perhaps the most uplifting and happy piece of music that I hear all week.  Taken from the Mickey Mouse Club (the old one with Annette, not Brittany) it’s Jiminy Cricket and choir singing about how wonderful books are and it’s simply delightful!  If you are in the LA area, tune into Book Worm this Thursday, or if not, check it out as a free podcast on itunes or here on the KCRW website.   

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