Vintage Display

I found these cameras at my parents house a few weeks ago and “borrowed” them to see if they still worked.  I remember playing with this polaroid camera as a kid and totally thought my parents had trashed it.  Low and behold it survives, though it doesn’t actually seem to work any more, and neither does the vintage Nikon they also had stashed away. 
I wasn’t planning on keeping them here, but I set them on our bookcase just out of convenience until the next time I went back to the rent’s place and the boy remarked on how he liked my vintage camera decor! Who would have thought it?  I realized that, as always, the boy is totally right!  The camera’s do make for a really cool display.  Kinda like Anthropologie a few months back.  So, I may keep them as “decoration.”  That is, of course if my parents don’t mind……(thanks Mom & Dad!).     

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