Back to Blogging!

Hi Kittens!

Well, I am feeling better and back to blogging!  Thank you for all your kind words and support.  It meant so much to me.  Really I feel so lucky to have such super online and offline friends!  The boy and I have had quite a scare and I finally feel like things are going to be definitely ok. 

However, the blogging break was very much needed.  I needed to recharge my batteries and spend some time away from my laptop.  But now I am ready to get back into it full force!  So, to get back to the business of pretty things and happy thoughts, I had to share this crafting idea from Martha Stewart.  
 I love it when Martha shares cute crafting ideas that are 100% do-able and easy for someone such as myself to tackle (read: I fancy myself a crafter, but I am a complete amateur.)  I think this would be an adorable decoration for a Mother’s Day outdoor tea or brunch….don’t you think?  And the possible color schemes are endless.  Here is the how to in case you are interested.  Glad to be back!     

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