Not a Cloud to be Found

I try to keep this blog on the positive side, but I am not feeling very positive at the moment, so if you are looking for something to make you smile, better keep browsing…consider yourself warned.  

You know how sometimes when one thing goes wrong then suddenly everything goes wrong and you feel buried with badness?  I feel a bit like that.  It just has been a lot of one crummy thing happening after another, and I am tired of it.  It’s all too personal to write about, suffice to say I feel beaten by it, and I don’t want to be.

The boy often tells me that I am too open and willing to write everything I am feeling on this blog and I know he’s right.  I know the internet is not the place to divulge all my emotions, so I won’t go on about all my problems and issues.  I just think I may take a break from this blog for a while.  I think I need to spend sometime offline and get passed this rough patch.   

So please check back soon.  I hope to be feeling better and blogging in another week.  

Thank you for understanding!    

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