nice day in "awsome town"

By far the worst ad campaign I have ever heard, the powers that be have decided to nickname the town I grew up in “Awesome Town.”  They are playing this completely cheesy advertisement on all the LA radio stations and I feel like, although I love Valencia, I would probably use a myriad of other adjectives to describe it before getting to awesome…it’s not awesome; the planet Saturn is awesome.  I mean, think of the real meaning of that word. 

In any case, due to car issues, the boy and I had to make an impromptu trip out to Awesome Town the other day, so I decided to take stock and see what makes Valencia special to me and how totally awesome this corner of the valley really is…

The Park: 

I spent many a summer’s day playing games with all my neighbors and friends in this park.


My parents’ Jack Russell Terrier, who is definitely the most neurotic and lovable dog on the planet!

My Mom’s Decorations:

My mother has always decorated our house for each holiday and every season, complete with a wreath on the door!  She has a wonderful sense of decorating and made our house fun and festive.  I definitely am inspired by her.

The Paseos:

Tree-lined walkways wind all over the neighborhoods, making it easy and safe to walk or ride your bike just about anywhere.  I used to walk the Paseos every day to and from school with my friends.  

My Family:

I know it sounds cheesy, but what really makes Valencia an “Awesome Town” for me, is the fact that it’s where I grew up and it’s where I can always find my family! 

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