a walk in new shoes

Often I forget how lucky and fortunate I am in life, but I tend to rely on the old cliche of “putting yourself in someone else’s shoes as a way of reminding myself just how good I have it.  But thinking in that way, I started to wonder about all the different facets of my life—the different shoes I wear, and all the different things I do.  I’d like to share some of them with you now.
Firstly, the cowgirl boots.  I don’t wear these often.  They are scuffed and stained and worn, but I love them even more for precisely those reasons.  They remind me that, at heart, I am a girl who grew up in the wild west of California, and while I am a little bit rock n’ roll it’s true, I am also a little bit country!

Secondly, the pointe shoes.  These are the shoes that I spent hours and years training to get.  Then they became the shoes I spent years training and dancing in…they have caused me an abundance of pain, yet I still love them.  I still marvel at the things I have learned to do in them.  I still love to get a new pair and see the shiny peach satin.  They really are magic shoes and I love to dance in them.  My feet actually feel the most natural when I have my pointe shoes on!
Thirdly, my Mary Jane heels.  Mainly because they are cute with a capital Q!
Fourthly (can one say fourthly?) my fake Uggs.  I wish they were real, but whatever, these do the trick.  I have to say that when I first saw a girl wearing Uggs with a skirt I thought it was a horrific fashion trend that should never have graced God’s green earth.  But then I tried on the Uggs and my life intrinsically changed forever!    

2 thoughts on “a walk in new shoes

  1. Being thankful is a wonderful thing…I love how you used your shoes to convey that!

    This is SO crazy, but I've been wanting cowboy boots for almost 10 years. For some silly reason, I don't think I'll fully feel like *me* until I'm wearing a pair. Crazy.


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