Spring Sprucing

As you can see I have decided to change around the blog layout a little bit.  Still not so sure I like it completely, but figured I’d give it a try and see how I feel about it in a few days.  I feel like it comes from the urge to do some spring cleaning.  And despite the fact that the weather has been a bit weird here in the hills of beverly,  I’m experiencing the spring cleaning urge in full effect.  

Over the passed few weeks I have been “sprucing” up the apartment here and there.  And I have a few ideas for ways to invigorate my wardrobe (aka: make my old clothes feel like new ones so I don’t have the urge to shop!)  I plan to share some of these projects with you when they’re done and IF they come out alright!  

Until then,  HAPPY EASTER!       {photo from Martha Stewart.com}

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