Crazed Commute

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that, due to the fact that I teach dance all over Los Angeles, I spend an awful lot of time in my car.  Also, not sure if I’ve ever shared that the car I drive now is the same Honda Civic I drove when I got my license at age 16.  She has been with me for every move, every road-trip, the good times and the bad.  She is a peach and I love her….but because she was a “teenager car,” she is missing a few of the flashier elements such as a cd player, or even a tape deck.  So for most of my commuting I end up listening to the radio.  

As much as I love KCRW, sometimes the radio sucks.  And sometimes I just can’t take it.  So I have taken to bringing a portable speaker to which I can attach my ipod to provide me with the tunes I need to make it through the often terrible traffic I endure day after day.  

So all that to say that I will be updating Lilac & Lace with some of the music I have been listening to during the journeys I make around LA and I hope that you all may share some commuting music suggestions with me.  It’s my opinion that good tunes make any traffic jam bearable. 

So this past week I have been listening to DeVotchKa’s “A Mad and Faithful Telling.”  It’s an album I got from a friend years ago, listened to it once and didn’t really get into it much.  Now I am loving it.  The intricate melodies and accordion and strings make for an unusual and compelling music.  Definitely a good one to check out! 

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