{A Secret Garden}

I have been thinking a lot about one of my favorite books from my childhood: The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  It may because of the newest addition to my etsy shop: The Mary Lennox headband.  Or it may be because of my little garden design that currently occupies the vases in our living room.  It may be because of the vintage keys given to me last Christmas from my brother and sister in law, which I am totally obsessed over.
Or quite possibly, it may be because it feels like Spring has really sprung here in Beverly Hills.  The bees are a buzzing, flowers are blooming and the weather is just right!  Everything is wick.  It makes me want a bit of earth of my own to plant things in and see things bloom! 

2 thoughts on “{A Secret Garden}

  1. “wick! i've heard ben say wick!” wow! in the last 24 hrs. i have had an attack from the past productions of “secret garden” that my old ballet school did. we used the broadway soundtrack to make a ballet out of it…and i used to know all the songs and everything…so it popped in my head yesterday and i had to search for the music online because i couldn't remember the songs quite right…so i looked up all the songs and i just finished watching the 1993 film of “the secret garden” which was a rather good version. it has maggie smith (A.K.A. prof. McGonagall from harry potter) as mrs. medlock…anyway i have been reveling in secret garden for about 24 hrs. now and this just topped it off


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