The Hills of Beverly, A Nice Place Indeed

This past Sunday, the boy and I visited the Beverly Hills Farmer’s Market.  It wasn’t the first time we’d been, but it was the first time we went with the strong intention of buying things.  And buy we did.  Veggies, fruits, fish–the whole shebang!  The boy was able to make a lovely dinner with all our goods and I must admit everything did taste…well fresher! 

After the Market, we popped into the Beverly Hills Library and I discovered their massive collection of dance and ballet dvds.  It was awesome!  Like a kid in a candy store I loaded up my arms with as many dvds as I could carry and checked out the lot.  I have plenty to watch over the next week and a half!

Finally, after all this, the boy and I strolled down to the park for a late lunch picnic only to find ourselves in the midst of “Woof-stock– Pet Extravaganza.”  Only in Beverly Hills would there be such an upscale spectacle for spoiled pets and their owners.  There were all kinds of vendors selling pet products, pet treats, doggie tutus and the like.  There were games and photo-booths for you and your four-legged counterparts.  It was completely surreal and quite a hoot!  But the best part about “Woof-stock” were the dogs that were there for adoption.  I fell in love with the sweetest puppy; he was a Chihuahua-Beagle mix.  Adorable! 

I did my best to pout and sigh and whine so the boy would let me take the pup home, but to no avail.  {Which of course, is actually a good thing.  The boy keeps me from acting rashly and making poor decisions….like Jiminy Cricket!}  But now I know that this is the type of dog I want someday.  So cute!

All in all, Beverly Hills was all it should be this past Sunday.  I feel lucky to live here!

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