Gidget26: Pressed Between Pages

Hey Kiddos,

So the shop is up and running!  Yay!  I am still adding products, editing pictures, etc.  But I wanted to give you the opportunity to check it out now.  If you’d like to purchase a Gidget headband, updo flair, anklet or bracelet click here and check it out. Keep checking back; I am hoping to update the store with more Gidget goodies soon!  And thanks in advance for your support and lilac lacy love! 
Pressed Between Pages~
Description: Pressed between pages are the figures from popular and classic literature that I adore.  The women of Jane Austin, F. Scott Fitzgerald, L.M. Montgomery…..the list goes on and on.  Each item in this shop is named after one of these immortal characters and imbued with the love I have for all these great stories and great characters. 

Additionally, as a ballet dancer I have an abundance of tutus and costumes from the nearly 25 years I have been dancing, and many of the details and appliques are taken from my old tutus.  I think of them as tutu treasures!  Each one has been special to me, or represented an important role that I danced.  Giving them new life as a pretty headband or bracelet has been as exciting as reliving my favorite moments on stage!  Now all these tutu treasures can dance again!

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