Officially Frenzied

I first heard about A Fine Frenzy ages ago, but just heard a few snippets of songs.  I thought they sounded good, thought Alison Sudol looked like a cute hipster-girl, but didn’t explore her music any further than that.  Then back in December I came across her Christmas album and fell in love with it, especially the song “Wanna Wish you Well.”  Her haunting voice and compelling story-telling got me hooked and that’s when I went looking for more Frenzy. 

I tend to go through phases with my music.  I will want to only listen to upbeat songs for a while, or mellow music for a spell….it all depends on my mood.  I have been pretty much listening to her latest album Bomb in a Birdcage on repeat for the last two weeks and I am still head-over-heels.  It’s just the right blend of mellow and catchy songs that seems to be perfect for me at the moment.  She also just seems like such a cool, fun girl…the kind you feel like you could be friends with, which always makes me more apt to listen to her music.  Also she shares my birthday!  No wonder I dig her music and style!   

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