Wild Kingdom

Not sure if it’s just my personality, or just a strange coincidence, but I have been noticing that there are quite a lot of items in our apartment that are….well, animal-shaped.  As I was cleaning things up the other night I took stock of all the little creatures and one could say it’s beginning to become something of a theme.  

The best part is they all have their special place and serve a special purpose.  For instance~

“Tuskus” the ring-holding elephant
“Marmaduke”  the cow-creamer
“Pidge” the earring-toting bird
and “Eliza” the soap-dish bunny
I am quite taken with Pottery-Barn’s current line of rabbit-themed accessories and may have to insist the boy buy me some of their lovely “bunny napkin rings.”  But on the other hand, we already have one bunny…It would be even better if Pottery Barn had napkin rings shaped like something a bit more exotic, like an ostrich or a meerkat.  That’d be sweet!     

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