Um, ok, I am just gonna come out and ask:

Do you read this blog?  Have you been keeping track of all my self-absorbed rantings and high and low mood swings?  Have you enjoyed sharing in my mad musings and have they made you feel better about your own state of mind and self-esteem by comparison?  If so, then please let it be known to me!  Leave a comment, or better yet become a FOLLOWER!  It’s as easy as making a pumpkin pie.  Just click on the {follow} button you can find in the left side column of this blog and you and I are as good as BFF!

I know this is a total blogger faux pas, but I don’t care.  I wanted to make sure that whoever is reading this knows that comments and following is encouraged, and I know there are a few readers who are new to the blogging world and definitely don’t know about the following option.  So, I know the old saying may tell you ~ not to stand behind me, I may not lead.  And don’t stand in front of me, as I may not follow.  But just stand beside me and be my friend….But I still want to know who is reading this, so fess up friends!

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