When it Rains….

IT POURS!  My darlings…. this has been a rough and stormy week, both in the actual weather and in my emotional state of mind.  I am so glad that it’s the weekend and I will hopefully get a chance to recharge my batteries and feel better about things next week!
Although, when things get bad I always have so many people around me, supporting me and helping me find my way.  I am extremely lucky.  And I am thankful to all of you who perhaps read this blog and have been there for me when I needed you.
Now for something cute ~
 I put this little outfit together the other day, and while the boy and I are not at all interested in having children yet I have to admit–tiny ballet shoes and tutus are just too cute!  When we have a daughter I am dressing her in dance outfits like this one! 

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