holiday cheer up….

It never fails.  Every year after Christmas and New Years I feel a little sad at the reality that the so called “holiday season” has passed.  I feel depressed as I take down holiday lights and decorations that made the apartment look so festive and special.  It really is my favorite time of the year, and I always feel emotional as another year ends and we begin the long stretch between January and October, where there is hardly a holiday to be found.

But then I remember, there is Valentine’s Day!  And sure, I know it’s one of those silly holidays that holds no bigger purpose than to sell cards and flowers, but I do enjoy decorating for Valentine’s Day!  It’s the prospect of pink hearts, red doilies and girlie flowers that lifts me from my post-holiday-depression and gets me excited for another year of festivities!  So, despite it being a bit early, I have already begun to decorate for the occasion….The boy thinks I am crazy, and I suppose I have no choice but to agree!

P.S.  This year we have a wonderful Valentine’s Day date already in the works~ We are getting to witness my brother getting married!  I love weddings.  Couldn’t ask for a more romantic date!

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