New Year, New You

Hello my Lovelies!
So with the new year, of course, we all make new resolutions and set new goals for ourselves.  I admit, I do it too.  And this year I have a whole slew of resolutions that I want to accomplish.  But I am sad to report that 2010 has kind of started out on a bit of a dismal note for me.  
I have had major tooth problems lately and have spent the majority of the last week at the dentist, which is no fun at all.  But it encourages me to really work hard to maintain resolution #1:
* Take better care of my teeth and go to the dentist for cleanings more often!
Additionally, I have been feeling a bit depressed as to the nature of the job market these days.  I look around and feel like I am still floating in a sea of “what is it I really want to do with my life?”  And “can I find that job, whatever it is?”  I let these questions bubble up in my brain till I get so discouraged at the fact that I still don’t have it figured out.  Leading me to these resolutions:
* Earn my Masters Degree (either in english, education or dance) and take the CBEST test
* Stop obsessing over “what I do” and remember that I can’t place all my sense of self on a job
* Take more time and give more care to the things that truly matter in my life: the boy, my family and 
          my friends
And finally, I have a few resolutions that are not quite so heavy, but are more just goals I’d like to accomplish:
* Learn how to cook and cook well, so the boy and I can eat more healthily, and we put our kitchen to
     better use! (we got a couple new cookbooks for Christmas!)
* Cut down on the clutter
* Pick a project and see it to the end before jumping into another one
* Blog more consistently
And that my blog friends are my resolutions for the new year.  I hope that by writing them here for anyone in the world to see it will help motivate me to stick to ’em, wish me luck!

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