Alot like Christmas: Part 1

This is my favorite time of the year, and always has been. I’m the type who wants to start listening to Christmas music as soon as the weather starts to get chilly. I crave gingerbread cookies and eggnog lattes by mid-October. And I want to put up Christmas decorations as soon as I can possibly get away with it…the boy insists I wait till after Thanksgiving, and it slays me!
This year is no different. I started getting into the Christmas spirit weeks ago, and have actually slowly been putting up little decorations here and there; I am very sneaky! But now I am no longer alone in my seasonal excitement as the City of Beverly Hills had their annual Christmas decoration lighting extravaganza the other night! The boy and I strolled the streets of the Bev Hills the night before the official lighting (when they were testing all the lights) and we basked in the glow of the beautiful holiday decorations and festive store window displays. If there’s anything Beverly Hills knows how to do up right, it’s holiday decorations. It really made me feel like it’s officially the holiday season. Or at least that everyone has caught up with me and my holiday spirit!

Here the boy snaps a shot of himself in a Christmas ornament, and I try to pose like a proper holiday store window manikin. And below, you can see the cute penguins by the fountain outside Tiffany’s and the lights stretching over Wilshire Blvd. So lovely. Finally, the paper poinsettia wreaths at Paper Source are so adorable and festive, I want to try to make some for our own home decorations!

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