A bit more Zen then Usual

I have recently discovered a line of jewelry that I can’t help but find compelling and oh-so-pretty that it too has made it’s way onto my winter wishlist. It’s called Energy Muse and while it is really not what I would normally consider “my style,” I am inexplicably smitten with their necklaces and bracelets.
I mean, it’s gorgeous bead-work and each piece features a beautiful stone pendant or an ancient Chinese coin. But what drew me in was all the meaning and symbolism behind each type of stone and each piece of jewelry that makes it unique. I don’t really buy into the whole zen, power of crystals and stones thing….or at least I never did before, and maybe still don’t now. But it’s still a nice thought, and when nice thoughts are coupled with pretty necklaces? What can I say? I’m an easy sell.

I am particularly crushing on the Transformation Necklace and the Life Force Bracelet. I think they both sound like they have special properties that I could totally use (aka: absorbing mental stress!) Now if only these magical and beautiful pieces of zen jewelry would go on sale….

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