{wish list}

I have been getting some major pressure lately from the boy to tell him what it is I want for Christmas this year. Of course my answer is always “Oh you don’t need to get me anything…” But I have been told that regardless of what I say, he will get me something so I may as well tell him so it’s a something I really do want.

I have been having a hard time coming up with things to ask for, but here goes!

1. Diana Camera (cause how cool is that?)

2. Lovely “Waterfall” Scarf from Anthropologie (sooo pretty!)

3. Beaded Headband from Anthropologie (As you know I love headbands.)

4. The Illustrated Quick Cook cookbook (I need recipes like it’s nobody’s business!)

5. Vinyl copy of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (It’s the sound of Christmas from my childhood.)

6. Pushing Daisies Season 2 on DVD (Don’t care what anybody says, I liked this show, alot.)

7. A Bunny Winter Hat (Because why not?)

8. Cake Stand (Funny, but I can’t seem to get enough cake stands!)

I would also greatly like peace on earth, an end to all homelessness and an instant fix for global warming, but I think I will ask Santa for those things this year…..

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