incredible gift

Hello my dears. Sorry it’s been a while. My computer died over Halloween weekend and I basically felt like I had lost a limb (how terrible that I depend on it so much, huh?) I mean we all knew it was coming. She was slowing down and acting strange and now she has passed on. I was a bit sad to tell the truth.

But then, my generous and loving parents came to the rescue! Some of you may know that I am a Christmas baby and therefore December has always been kind of a mad rush between my birthday celebrations and Christmas celebrations. Naturally, the birthday has always been slightly overshadowed by the birth of Jesus and Santa Claus coming to town and all that, not that I have ever really minded…too much.

But this year, as both birthday and Christmas present, my parents helped me out in getting a new computer! And may I say, it’s pretty awesome! Thanks Mom and Dad! I am one lucky girl! {And I love that it has photo booth! Can you say hours of fun?}

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