{stunning silhouette}

I like the current popularity of silhouettes. I know people have always been framing silhouettes of family and friends, but I have noticed lately (particularly in home decor magazines, and etsy; things I check more frequently than the news and the weather) that silhouettes are back in style, big time. So not being one to shy away from the bandwagon, I hopped right on!

I went ahead and worked some silhouetting magic of my own and framed a silhouette of me and one of the boy and hung them on the living room wall (you can kind of see them in the photo from the previous post.) For something so stylish it’s an incredibly simple process. And now I can feel part of the “in-crowd” of home decorators. It’s very good.

Now when I was a small child at school, we made silhouettes of ourselves to give to our parents by sitting in front of the lit overhead projector, while a parent volunteer traced our shadow onto a sheet of paper. Looking back, I feel like that was a bit overly complicated, but then again, we didn’t each have iphoto and photoshop and all that good stuff to make it so simple. Here is how I made these delightful works of art this time around:

1. Take a picture in profile
2. Upload to your computer and resize photo to desired size (I made mine about 7 X 9)
3. Print photo
4. Cut out profile
5. Trace onto black paper
6. Mount onto red paper (or whatever color you like)
7. Frame, hang and be merry!

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