Anna Sui for Target

A few weeks ago, I was walking through Target (otherwise known as my “happy place”) when I noticed a slew of adorable, slightly strange, unconventional and totally cute dresses which immediately grabbed my attention. I stopped and reached new levels of shopping bliss with the realization that these dresses, skirts and blouses were the handiwork of one of my favorite designers: Anna Sui.

I was enthralled by the sophisticated cuts, the bright autumnal colors and the baby-doll whimsy in these pieces that so notably sets Anna apart from other designers. And the fact that all this can be found at Target further spurred my excitement. Finally an Anna Sui ensemble I can afford! I was beyond elated.

Among the collection, I found the perfect dress for Thanksgiving. Cute. Kinda Retro. Bright colors. Makes me look thin. It fit all the necessary requirements. Plus, the name on the tag made it even more fabulous! Now just a quick look at the price and I’d be all set to hit the register…

And that’s when I felt the painful stab of Target’s betrayal. Sixty bucks for a dress in Target? Kinda steep in my opinion. I am so disappointed at the fact that, being a starving artist, a sixty dollar dress is currently out of my price range, even if it is Anna Sui. The perfect Anna Sui Thanksgiving outfit is going to have to wait for a few more paychecks…and hopefully a lottery win. But in the meantime, even if I can’t buy, I can look, right? Sooo pretty!

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