Mad about Mad Men

I’m just mad about Mad Men…and Mad Men’s mad about me! The boy and I recently got hooked on Season One, and quickly followed it up with a marathon of Season Two and now are happily caught up with the rest of the country!

Maybe it’s simply the clothes (Betty Draper’s closet is my happy place I am sure of it) or the production design (some of the wallpaper is to die for) or the amazing performances, but the whole thing is truly one of the best things I have ever seen on television. It actually makes me almost sort of miss the advertising business in a way. I mean, if only the blokes that I met and worked with looked like Don Draper. The problem is they all think they do; they also think they are a witty and clever as those Mad Men, when frankly it just isn’t so.

Of course, the show is much more than a colorful romp into the advertising world of the 1960’s and the issues of parenthood, marriage, public vs. hidden personas, professional inequality and relationships are all extremely current in a way. But on the other hand, I love that this period of history is the setting for such a well executed and enthralling show. I am obsessed with pretty much every character–each has such layers of complexity–it’s really exciting to watch! It really has got under my skin!

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