that’s what a hamburger’s all about!

Hi there, I’m Gidget (but my real name is Heather.) I’m a SoCal girl whose Moondoggie turned out to be from the other side of the pond!  We met at UCLA, he doing a year abroad, while I was looking to soak up some culture by living in the foreign student housing.  We suffered two and a half years of long distance dating before we wed and he relocated to Beverly Hills to live the high life with me!  (Just kidding, we live a lovely little life, but I wouldn’t say it’s high…I’m kinda scared of heights!)

We were both working in the television business (is there any other in L.A?) until I had enough and longed to go back to doing what I had been doing most of my life: Dancing!  I danced professionally in several ballet companies in my younger wilder days, and in August of 2009 I went back into dancing and teaching dance full time.  Since then, I have new found passion in the art of ballet as well as sharing my love of dance with young people.  While I  officially “retired” from the ballet world as of this summer, I still find ways to be involved with the dance world and share my love of dance.  This very blog is one of them.  I hope that my friends, my students, my family and fans will enjoy the many dance-themed features that I regularly post.

But if there is one thing that I can assuredly say about myself, it would be that I am complex and have many many different interests.  Lilac and Lace reflects a lot of those interests.  I am also a indie-biz chick, making hand-crafted tutus for youngins’ and accessories for the young at heart.  I hope to open my new Etsy Shop, Red Ribbon Fox, early this year.  So take a look around and see whatcha like!  I’m a crafter, a writer, a movie geek, a girly-girl, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend.  This is my lifestyle blog filled with ballet, the boy (aka: my husband— he prefers to maintain a bit of mystique) and beautiful things!  


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